It’s my stomaversary.

Sue Nethercott
May 31, 2024


It is 6 years since the operation that saved my life but took my bowel and bladder. Thanks NHS.

Photo of Urostomy bag
Urostomy bag

’Twas cancer took my womb
and sent it to its tomb
But that was quite ok
Don’t want kids anyway

’Twas cancer took my bladder
That made me somewhat madder
Until I learned I can
Pee just like any man

’Twas cancer took my bowel
I did not toss the towel
Though pooping through my tum
It really feels quite rum

’Twas doctors saved my life
They cured me with their knife.
I’m a two bag lady
Who’ll make a ton, maybe

All I ask for is loos
To use if my bags choose
To spring a leak outdoors
See here to learn some more

So if one day you see
Someone as fit as me
Use a disabled loo
You’ll know to keep your cool.



Sue Nethercott

Open University BA, UMIST MSc, OU BSc Environmental Studies. Interests: environment, COVID19. Double #ostomate. Thom Hartmann’s newsletter editor. Views my own.