A poem about many of the lies we have been told about COVID-19

COVID-19 image, courtesy of CDC
COVID-19, courtesy of CDC

“A hoax”, they called it, “it’ll go away”
As more and more got sick and died each day.

Your pandemic playbooks we threw away.
Our policies we make up on the day

Herd immunity is the way to go
Said Trump and Johnson. Sweden, how’d that go?

Johnson would rather see bodies piled high
than have a third lockdown so fewer’d die.

“This is a flu.” “Pretty good job we’ve done”
Said Trump, calling the battle almost won.

Those scientists, they are lying to you
We’re smarter and we’ll tell you what to do.

Death rates are inflated, deniers claim.
The opposite’s true: they are to blame.

Take hydroxychloroquin, inject bleach
That will cure what those vaccines cannot reach.

Try Ivermectin or spironolactone
Like trans do to cut their testosterone.

Vaccines change your DNA, implant chips
Bill Gates said they’d kill you, please read my lips.

Doctors and superheroes all wear masks.
You refuse if someone orders or asks.

Betsy DeVos said children are stoppers.
How could she say such murderous whoppers?

True, it’s bad for a kid to be off school
But going could kill them and theirs, you fool.

To Trump and Sturgis rallies you should go
And if thousands die, t’wasn’t us, you know.

If you must stay home, for me it’s all right
To go out for a drive to test my sight.

If we say lock down, no loved ones to see
We’ll party on at Number Ten, you’ll see.

Here’s our latest conspiracy theory
To cure COVID you must drink your own pee.

All these pronouncements are nothing but lies,
Heedless if someone believes them and dies.

And not just the followers up and die:
Friends, kin and colleagues do too. Tell me, why?

Politicians’ poses
A-tishoo, a-tishoo
We all fall down.



Open University BA, UMIST MSc, OU BSc Environmental Studies. Interests: environment, COVID19. Double #ostomate. Thom Hartmann’s newsletter editor. Views my own.

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